Angat Pangat Badlapur

In my list of Restaurant Reviews one of the best Pure veg restaurants which has one of the tastiest thali is Angat Pangat Badlapur.

One Of the Best Unlimited Thali Restaurant Near Me in Badlapur 

It is an unlimited except for one or two dishes in the thali.
I had been to this place with some of my friends it was close to 3.30 in the afternoon and it was a weekday so thankfully there was no rush at all.
Angat Pangat Badlapur Restaurant Review
Parking : There is not much parking space in front of the restaurant and vehicles cannot be parked at ease.
Parking may be available on the road at some distance.
The road in front of Angat Pangat is too narrow.
Angat Pangat Restaurant’s own parking has parking space for 2 to 3 cars only at one time.Bikes can be parked easily.

Ambiance : In Angat Pangat Badlapur one thing I can say is that the ambiance was very nice.
The restaurant is cosy and the seating is comfortable,when me and my friends had gone at that time it was very late in the afternoon and the place was not at all crowded.
       In the Image :- Me sitting to the left and my Friends Mr.Vinay.Padhye and               Mr.Saumitra.Rahatekar.
Best To Eat : –

Angat Pangat Badlapur

It is a restaurant that provides Thali.
The Menu keeps on changing every day.They have special days like sundays and some festivals when the menu of thali is very special.
Like they had started puran poli thali on sundays.Better to check with Angat Pangat about the menu and then visit them if you stay far away from Badlapur.
The Food quality is good and there is a feeling of satisfaction that one gets after having the thali.When we had gone the dishes which i liked was
1. Chaat items given at the start.
2. Shrikhand
3. Goda Sheera.
4. Khichdi.
Restaurant Bill :- It costed each thali 260 rs when we had gone to Angat Pangat at the end of 2019.
One thing is for sure that as I sit down to write Angat Pangat Badlapur I feel like visiting that restaurant once more and hopefully shall do that soon.

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