Aniket Dining Badlapur

Aniket Dining Badlapur is a place which has a nice variety of dishes in the thali that it provides. I have visited this place a few times and have always liked the food here.

One of the best-unlimited thalis in Badlapur is the Unlimited thali you find at Hotel Aniket dining Badlapur. 

The Unlimited thali is a meal at a great price that allows you to try a lot of different kinds of food. It has an incredible selection with something for everyone. 

If you want to try an unlimited thali for your lunch in Badlapur then I would recommend you visit this place. 

The food served in this place is economical and good. The unlimited thali has a good variety of dishes.

You can eat the one you like the most from a variety of options available. (Note:- please enquire whether it is unlimited, sweets are not unlimited at certain restaurants and some exclusive dishes are also not unlimited at certain restaurants) 

The Unlimited thali is a great way to get the best of Indian cuisine as it includes all of the usual suspects with a lot of additional variety. 


Parking:- Doesn’t have its own Parking but Four wheelers can be parked on the roads and two-wheelers can be parked easily.

Unlimited Thali 

This restaurant is on the first floor and is economical and good. The taste is also nice and many people from the surrounding offices visit this place for lunch.

Whenever I visit any restaurant which provides Unlimited thali the main reason is to make sure I get to try everything on the menu.

The Basundi( a sweet made from milk)  is amazing here and one of the reasons to go to this restaurant. If it has Basundi on its menu I shall sure visit this restaurant again whenever I am in Badlapur.

Overall Unlimited thali at Aniket Dining Badlapur is good.


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