Shree Manjunath Sandwich Center Ulhasnagar

I had been to this very famous Sandwich joint named Shree Manjunath Sandwich Center Ulhasnagar a few months back. 


Parking:- Parking is an issue here; the sandwich joint is on the road, which is too narrow even two-wheelers parking is difficult, four-wheelers park at a distance.

Cheese Chili Toast Sandwich

The cheese chili toast sandwich from Shree Manjunath Sandwich Center Ulhasnagar is one of the best sandwiches that I’ve had in Ulhasnagar. 

It takes quite a long time for the whole of the ingredients to get mixed, and till that time, they are thoroughly mixed continuously on a low flame over a long time, thereby enhancing the taste further.

The bread’s crispiness and the chili and cheese’s incredible mix inside the sandwich make it delicious. 

One should ideally eat the cheese chilly toast sandwich while it’s hot. 

There is a lot of variety of sandwiches that this famous sandwich center in Ulhasnagar offers.

The excellent taste is because the preparation takes quite some time to mix the ingredients over a low flame.

Paneer Tandoor Grilled Pizza

I also had Paneer Tandoor Grilled Pizza which was incredible, the paneer was soft, and the Pizza was crunchy that made the pizza very tasty.

It had paneer, Schezwan chutney, cheese etc., as its ingredients. Served with green chutney, it further enhanced its taste.

The Chef grilled the pizza, made the pizza crunchy; this pizza’s crunchiness and the paneer’s softness made my day.

Cheese chilli toast sandwich and Paneer Tandoor Grilled pizza are two heavenly sensations; one can never have too much of it. 

But sadly, these heavenly food items are not found in every restaurant. 

So every time you feel like having these delectable delights, take your vehicle or your favorite mode of transport or if you stay nearby you can just take a short trip to Shree Manjunath Sandwich Center Ulhasnagar.

The London Shakes Badlapur

The London Shakes Badlapur is an incredible joint with some fantastic cool drinks, and I also love the Pizza here.

Any age group above five can appreciate a delicious pizza, a cool drink and a yummy waffle-ice cream. 

If you are looking for a delicious and fun snack, a pizza is the most popular choice. When people say pizza, the first thing that comes to mind is their favourite toppings. You can enjoy the pizza alone or with your family. 

A cool drink and a delicious waffle ice cream are two of the world’s most popular snack choices.


Parking:- This place is along the roadside, and the road is narrow so that two-wheelers can be parked easily, but four-wheelers keep at a distance.

I’m not going to lie: when I had the Green Apple Blast, It calmed me down, and I felt relaxed. It’s delicious. It’s not like I’ve not tasted such cool drinks before, but overall it tasted nice and refreshing.

The other dish I especially like at The London shakes Badlapur is the creamy tandoori fries. Those fries’ taste is too good, mixed with cream and the taste of tandoori masala those fries simply make You want more.


The Pizza at This joint is very soft, and as you chew on it, the melting of the cheese and the mixing of the toppings in every bite makes the taste even more enhanced. 

When my friend and I had visited, we had ended with ice cream waffle which was so incredible. It simply melted, and the taste just kept on lingering for a long time.

Overall my friend and I had a great time. If one wants to have some incredible variety of dishes and cool drinks, then The London shakes Badlapur is an excellent place to visit.


Aniket Dining Badlapur

Aniket Dining Badlapur is a place which has a nice variety of dishes in the thali that it provides. I have visited this place a few times and have always liked the food here.

One of the best-unlimited thalis in Badlapur is the Unlimited thali you find at Hotel Aniket dining Badlapur. 

The Unlimited thali is a meal at a great price that allows you to try a lot of different kinds of food. It has an incredible selection with something for everyone. 

If you want to try an unlimited thali for your lunch in Badlapur then I would recommend you visit this place. 

The food served in this place is economical and good. The unlimited thali has a good variety of dishes.

You can eat the one you like the most from a variety of options available. (Note:- please enquire whether it is unlimited, sweets are not unlimited at certain restaurants and some exclusive dishes are also not unlimited at certain restaurants) 

The Unlimited thali is a great way to get the best of Indian cuisine as it includes all of the usual suspects with a lot of additional variety. 


Parking:- Doesn’t have its own Parking but Four wheelers can be parked on the roads and two-wheelers can be parked easily.

Unlimited Thali 

This restaurant is on the first floor and is economical and good. The taste is also nice and many people from the surrounding offices visit this place for lunch.

Whenever I visit any restaurant which provides Unlimited thali the main reason is to make sure I get to try everything on the menu.

The Basundi( a sweet made from milk)  is amazing here and one of the reasons to go to this restaurant. If it has Basundi on its menu I shall sure visit this restaurant again whenever I am in Badlapur.

Overall Unlimited thali at Aniket Dining Badlapur is good.


Food Garage Badlapur

Food Garage Badlapur is an excellent place; this cosy joint in Badlapur serves some incredible Pasta and Pizzas. To go with it, they also have some tasty Momos.

Which is your favourite dish and why?

Someone might love pasta because they can add many different toppings and sauces, and there are so many kinds of pasta. 

Someone might also like pizza because it is so customisable, with a ton of different toppings. Some also love momos because they are so flavorful and cook very quickly!

Every one of us has a favourite dish that makes our mouth water just at the mention of it. Whether it is momo chow maar, pasta with white sauce or pizza with cheese or just french fries, each of us has a favourite dish that defines us as individuals.

Pizza is one of those favourite dishes that many of us remember ordering but still craving whenever we notice a Pizza Joint driving down the highway.

Food Garage is one such place where You get all this and much, much more.


Parking:- The road here is not used very much and is big enough to accommodate a few Four-Wheelers can keep two-wheelers easily.

What I liked at Food Garage Badlapur:-

Veg Loaded French Fries

The Veg loaded french fries or the cheese-loaded french fries (since it was overflowing with cheese) is an excellent dish here and is a must-try.

The mix of the crispy french fries when served hot and the cheese simply makes this dish irresistible.

Creamy Veggie Sandwich Grilled

This sandwich simply overflows with cheese and is very tasty; the Bread was grilled correctly and tasted lovely.

It also had potatoes, some onions and corn; it was all a great mix and tasted fabulous.

Classic momos with cheese 

Classic momos with cheese is another one that many would love to have at food Garage Badlapur; I am not a big fan of veg momos and hence didn’t like it very much was good.

Veg combination Pasta with cheese 

This pasta was also delicious, was overflowing with cheese and tasted good.

Pizza slice combo Veg Elpesto 

A combo offer was going on when we visited this place, and it had Pizza, Garlic Bread and a Cold drink. We liked the proposal and tried it out.

We liked the nicely made pizza.

All in all, the experience at Food Garage Badlapur was pleasant.


Datta Prasad Vada Pav centre

I had been to this Datta Prasad Vada Pav Centre a few months back once more as I simply couldn’t resist the cheese Vada pav available at this place.

Vada pav, also known as Vada pao, is popular street food in India, consisting of a deep-fried potato patty served with a savoury filling of spiced mashed peas, onions, and potatoes, all mashed together and stuffed into a fried bread bun. 

In Mumbai, Vada pav is a favourite among the masses and is the preferred afternoon snack and breakfast of Mumbai’s middle-class population.


Parking:- This Vada Pav Centre is just beside the road, but still, the road is big enough to adjust a few four-wheelers; two-wheelers parking is readily available here.

It started in 1993 on a simple Hand cart

Now it has became so famous that it has two branches, one in Ulhasnagar and one in Kalyan. 

It is a very famous Vada pav Centre in Ulhasnagar.

What I liked here

Cheese Vada Pav

If you have not eaten cheese Vada pav here, You must try it. The cheese Vada pav is simply incredible.

It tastes so nice as the Vada Pav is made with a thin layer of covering compared to places where the outer crust is thicker.

This thin layer makes the Vada pav of Datta Prasad Vada Pav Centre very crunchy; add to that the extravagance of cheese, and what you have are a Dietician’s hatred and a Foodie’s delight.

Vada Pav

The Vada Pav here is also very tasty. As just mentioned above, the Vada pav’s outer covering is very thin, which makes it very crunchy.

Being at a place which is very close to the road one can always wait a few minutes,

take a quick bite and continue on it’s journey.

So let’s go to Datta Prasad Vada Pav Centre to have it’s incredible Vada Pav.

Classmates & Co.

Sometimes there are places which you have heard about a lot but never visited. Classmates & Co. cafe was one such place in Badlapur which I had heard a lot about but never visited.

Finally, a day dawned where I got the chance to visit this incredible place known as Classmates & Co. Cafe. 

I liked this cafe even though space was less inside the cafeteria, the area on the outside made up for it.

The whole place was bustling with youngsters, which made the area more lively, soft music was on, and excellent food was getting served, picture-perfect for a Cafe.


Parking:- This place is in a narrow lane, easy to park Two-wheeler but four-wheeler at a distance.

We had ordered

Spicy Paneer Tikka Pizza

As the name suggests, this pizza was slightly spicy with Paneer in it. I liked the pizza as it was very soft and was melting, and the paneer was also delicious.

Penne Makhni Cheese Pasta

Of all the dishes we had, this is the one I liked the most, made with a proper mix of cheese. This pasta was an absolute pleasure to have. I am not a big fan of Pasta; still, this Penne Makhni cheese pasta of Classmates & Co. I can have every time I visit any place near this Cafe

Vegetable sticks platter with Cheese Sauce

This was also good, and I liked it.

Chocolate Hazelnut Decadence Shake

Sometimes, some desserts or milkshakes are so irresistible that You simply can’t stop.

This Chocolate Hazelnut Decadence shake of Classmates & Co. is one such Dessert that shall make you order more when the first one finishes.

Especially when you have a friend for company, you simply just can’t have enough of it.

Lolita aha Mocktail

A mocktail is a welcome drink, especially during super hot days when the temperatures are not ready to cool down.

All in all, this place, Classmates & Co., is an excellent place to visit.

Satari Katta Misal House

It was a sunny day when I had gone to Satari Katta Misal house, and even in that scorching heat and rising temperatures, a hot and spicy misal felt good; it talks a lot about the Misal.

Right time that the authentic and the traditional food items get a slight uplift and are ready to take on the Pizzas and the Burgers;

these latest Misal variations like Panipuri misal, Tandoor misal are one such step in the right direction, I feel.

The old school of thought might object to this thought, but I am only saying a slight variation is needed and not an absolute modern representation is necessary.

It is not every day that you get to eat more than 20 types of misal; Satari Katta Misal House is one place.

Different types of misals here are a revelation, and the variety of misals make you want more.


Parking:- Can do two-wheeler parking but four wheeler parking at a  distance.

Best Misals that I feel one should try here

Tandoor Misal

This type of misal is a common feature nowadays, and most people are in love with this type of misal.

An earthen pot with dry ingredients of Misal, Inside the earthen pot is a slightly burning charcoal kind of a substance in a small earthen pot which gives a smoky flavour.

Once in front of us, one is supposed to open the lid and take out that small earthen pot containing the charcoal.

Then add the liquid that makes the Misal ever so tasty and then eat it with Pav or Bread.

This delicious misal tastes different from the traditional misal; since I am a fan of the regular misal, this misal is what I can have once in a while, not regularly.

Today’s kids love these kinds of misal.

Panipuri Misal

To tell all of you very frankly, I never knew that this misal ever existed till I ate it here.

The taste was excellent too. It contained slightly raw mat bean or matki in puri, and we are supposed to add this liquid full of flavours and then eat it.

The first taste we get is that of the crispy puri,

followed by the raw mat bean or matki,

and then the entire mouth fills with the liquid’s incredible flavours.

This incredible taste keeps getting more and more tastier with every puri we have,

which makes such misal houses like Satari Katta Misal House Special.

We ordered and tasted other misals like cheese misal and Schezwan misal,

These are also good, but the ones that stood out for me were the two mentioned above.

It is 1 am as I sit down to write this blog, and this is not the time for any eatery to be open; otherwise, I would have just gone and grabbed a panipuri Misal at Satari Katta Misal House.


Nitrogen Ice cream-Goofies Ice cream Badlapur

Last time I visited Badlapur to have something Cool was Nitrogen Ice cream-Goofies Ice cream Badlapur. This place offered a lot of variety which was mind-blowing.

In Badlapur, I had hardly come across any outlet with nitrogen Ice cream before this.

Either I was not very enthusiastic about it or the lack of Ice cream parlours known to me in Badlapur might be the reason.

Anyhow it is nice that I discovered this place.


Parking:- This area is very close to the station so that the parking might be an issue.

1.Nitrogen ice cream:-

When I visited this place, I had a Nitrogen Icecream named American Nuts Nitrogen Ice cream, and it was excellent.

 Nitrogen Ice cream-Goofies Ice cream Badlapur was very tasty and slightly different, but during a scorching season like what is going on now, it is the best thing to have.

2.Smokey Biscuits:-

Smokey biscuits are the latest trending cool things in the Ice cream parlours and outlets nowadays. These smokey biscuits give a soothing feeling.

There is a particular way of eating these smokey biscuits,

Once appropriately followed, one can take the smoke out from the mouth, and this makes the smokey biscuits not only something very different but also fun to eat.

3.Mixed fruit Roll:-

I also had this fantastic mixed fruit roll rolled with all fruits and ice cream in front of me, and it was a pleasure to watch.

4. Monster Chocolate Milkshake:-

This milkshake was full of yummy things.

It was pretty big with many ingredients, which enhanced this Monster Chocolate milkshake’s taste.

With a variety of ice creams available everyone is confused about which one is the best.

My simple way to answer it is, try try and You shall still never find out, it is that tasty.

So after having tasted Nitrogen Ice cream-Goofies Ice cream Badlapur, I can say that my life became cooler, literally!

Dhabas Near Me-Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath

Dhabas Near Me-Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath

There are many dhabas, and then there is Ganpat Dhaba; this is what I can say about one of the best dhabas near me – Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath. This Dhaba has always been one of my favourites ever since I found about it.

The best part about Ganpat dhaba is they make most of the masalas and add to the food during preparation; this enhances the taste very much.


Parking:- Parking for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers available.

Seating:- Both Family and individuals can sit separately 

Best to eat:- Frankly speaking, I would love to eat anything at one of the best dhabas near me-Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath. But since I can only comment on the dishes I had, I liked all of them; we had taken.

1.Mutton Lapeta

2.Mutton Kheema 

3.Bombil fry

4.Prawns Masala


1.Mutton Lapeta:- The mutton of the Mutton Lapeta was excellent. Cook had perfectly cooked it to the point where I didn’t need to chew. It melted. 

If not appropriately cooked, Mutton loses its taste, and the continuous chewing makes the mutton rubbery.

Exactly opposite of what we get at Ganpat Dhaba, the mutton is perfectly cooked and makes the eating of mutton a pleasant memory.

2.Mutton Kheema:- Mutton kheema is a dish that I simply love at Ganpat Dhaba.

Even though slightly oily, I still prefer it.

I would recommend Mutton Kheema to everyone. 

One can try it with Ghavane ( a special type that looks like dosa). The taste is so excellent that it shall blow you away.

3.Bombil Fry:- I didn’t try the Bombil fry, but my friend Rahul did, and he said it was simply fantastic. Rahul is a regular here at Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath, and it was because of him that I knew about this place.

4.Prawns masala:- The dhaba prepares prawns’ masala with special ingredients. 

The prawns’ masala was one dish that I just couldn’t stop eating. It tasted fantastic with Ghavane and also with rice.

All in all, one of the best dhabas near me – Ganpat dhaba Ambernath is a must-visit for everyone.


Thakur Vada Pav Dombivli

Thakur Vada Pav dombivli with chutney
Thakur Vada pav Dombivli is one of the best vada pav in Dombivli that I have eaten.
If you ever get a chance to visit Dombivli east  do visit this small yet extremely tasty vada pav centre.
Thakur vada pav is a very small place but it is very very famous
Many students and day to day workers come to this place
Vada pav fans regularly visit this place and generally this small corner is very crowded.
I wanted to taste the vada pav but I wanted to taste it without the chutney
In Vada Pav there is a lot that is put in it between the vada and the pav
like chutney, fried corn flakes etc  that changes the taste
Thakur vada pav Dombivli without chutney

 Vada Pav of Thakur Vada Pav Dombivli

As soon as I tasted its plain vada pav with out any of the ingredients I knew why it was so famous the taste was amazing and the vada pav once it was eaten gave a sense of fulfillment
so most probably I guessed people liked it so much.
Not only was it’s taste good but the quantity was also good.
But Thakur vada pav Dombivli which  everyone buys is the one which is overflowing with a lot of ingredients
It was filled with so much of yummy and amazing mixture and vada pav chutney which is loved by most of the vada pav eaters
I was confused whether I had done the right thing by going in for a plain vada pav.
I could also see that whole of the place was filled with a lot of people
There were a lot of boys and girls waiting for their vada pav from the  classes which were going on nearby.
I also could see that  a lot of working community which had come to relish this yummy vada pav.
Thakur Vada Pav dombivli with chutney
As vada pav is a famous mumbai street food more and more people kept coming to Thakur vada pav Dombivli which has one of the best vadapav in Dombivli
As I was leaving I said to myself next time whenever I come to Dombivli I have got a new Vada Pav to look forward to and that is Thakur Vada Pav Dombivli.