Ballaleshwar Misal Dombivli

Ballaleshwar Misal Dombivli has a slightly spicy yet a very tasty type of misal.
Ballaleshwar Misal has a lot of branches but I had visited the Dombivli east branch.
What I liked about the Ballaleshwar misal was this plate of misal looked wholesome that is
There was gulab jamun and curd also when I visited the Misal Pav outlet of restaurant in end of 2019.
This Ballaleshwar Misal is very famous . It has its branches all over Maharashtra.
Parking :-This place is very close to the station so parking might be an issue here but if you have bikes then no issues I feel, yet check before parking your vehicle.
Ballaleshwar Misal dombivli
Ambience :- Ballaleshwar misal Dombivli has a comfortable sitting arrangement and since it is very famous there is a lot of rush but yet one can find a place for 2 to sit I feel quite comfortably.

Misal Pav Plate contains

When I had gone it was 3 pm in the afternoon so the rush was relatively low at that time.
The plate along with Misal Pav also contains a piece of Gulab Jamun and also a bowl of curd.

what is Kat or Tarri or Misal Rassa 

Along with the misal there is also a bowl of “Kat/tarri/Misal Rassa” which is the water or stock  of Misal
Since misal is generally eaten with Pav or bread it absorbs most of the water in the Misal.
So this kat or tarri or Misal Rassa  is provided to mix with the misal.
This  makes the misal watery again and enhances the taste of Misal otherwise it would go dry.
Best To Eat :- Best to eat here is obviously misal pav but along with it they also give gulab jamun in the misal plate that is also very yummy.
The Tarri or Rassa also tastes nice the Misal is slightly spicy but the Gulab Jamun and the curd negate the spiciness to a great extent.
Restaurant Bill :- Misal pav is priced below 100 rs at Ballaleshwar misal Dombivli and with some extra pavs(slices of indian bread) one can have a tummy filled yummy experience.

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