JEDSTAR Gearing for the Launch of Its Metaverse and Expanding Its GameFi and Play-to-Earn Offerings

JEDSTAR is a three-token Decentralized Ecosystem that launched its first $JED token in August 2021. It also proved its strong foothold and a strong community base, upon announcement of JEDSTAR’s new token presale, $JED price surged over 30% in a bearish market. JEDSTAR is a three BSC token DECO that focuses on three sectors, DeFi, GameFi and in-game governance. The first token JED, for DeFi, was released just over 3 months ago and has seen growth over that time. There are now over 5000 $JED token holders with a comparatively low market capitalisation of $33 million USD.

There’s plenty we’ll know on election night, but some things we won’t learn until later. Amid the bearish crypto winter and all the doom and gloom about cryptocurrencies and the future of NFTs, Polygon Technology has had a hot summer. While we’ve seen significant adoption, the EVM-compatible chain is still in its infancy and its best days are yet to come.

The highly anticipated $KRED token will have over 3000 Presale slots, before launching on PancakeSwap. With a $750,000 boost in funding from the Juravinski Research Institute , researchers at the Regional Eye Institute at St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton are spearheading the country’s most comprehensive study into the prevalence of age-related macular degeneration . AMD is the leading cause of vision loss and legal blindness in Canadians aged 55 and older. An AMA will be hosted by SkillGaming on Tuesday 9th November 2021 at 5pm GMT here. It will featuring Josh and his co-founder Ben and members of the Skillgaming team.

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With their performance metrics and growing list of celebrity partnerships, Polygon and JEDSTAR Gaming appear to be solid bets to return to or surpass their previous highs when the market recovers. Unauthorized distribution, transmission or republication strictly prohibited. As a further initiative for gaining KRED, the JEDSTAR team are implementing their STARSTAKING platform for JED holders to stake their tokens to be returned upto 120x in KRED rewards. People already spend the majority of their lives within the digital world through regular engagement on social media apps and online video gaming just to name a couple of examples. Canadians are puzzled by a comment made by Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, in which she offered a personal example of a way she’s cutting back on spending for her family amid soaring inflation and rising prices.

what is jedstar

The Metaverse is the next evolution of social engagement and pushes the boundaries of creativity and inspiration. At launch, players will be able to deposit money on STARDOME using standard deposit methods (eg. Skrill, web-wallets, credit cards) what is jedstar with $KRED being implemented and the official currency down the line through the integration of Web3 wallets. The platform will be adding up to the already millions of plays and hundreds of thousands of dollars already paid out on SkillGaming.

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Innovating DeFi, GameFi, and pursuing mainstream crypto acceptance is the goal of the JEDSTAR team, which launched its first coin $JED in August. CEO, Josh G, an advocate of mass crypto-adoption and regarded as the next CZ for the decentralized gaming industry and his team develop JEDSTAR to be the market leader in GameFi and Metaverse categories. Over time, the JEDSTAR team will be adding new games to the STARDOME system. Polygon, which counts Mark Cuban among its backers, has also targeted the booming gaming industry and we see young and upcoming gaming companies like JEDSTAR Gaming recently launching their Dynamic NFTs or more specifically SFTs (Semi-Fungible Tokens). Bring to market Polygon network available on both native marketplace AGORA Marketplace and Opensea.

This funding round was led by Sequoia Capital India and included big names like SoftBank, Tiger Global and Animoca Brands, among others. With its unique Currency as a Service offering, $KRED will be platform and blockchain agnostic, allowing it to be utilized by other game creators or studios. It has already inked 3 agreements, unveiled in 2022, who will use $KRED for their game. The metaverse will take all these online social engagements to the next level in terms of merging both the digital and real world together. Both Axie Infinity ($AXS) and The Sandbox ($SAND) are doing just that, and both have been very successful in terms of gaining a good player and investor base. A bicyclist was killed in a hit-and-run crash with a truck towing a professional racing speedboat Saturday night in the Florida Keys.

The following article briefly explains why there are size restrictions for NFTs and what the restrictions are for the most popular NFT marketplaces out there, its goal is to use emerging technologies to provide existing users with a constantly improving experience. You can invest in it till then and pay tax on the profits, there are several NFT Ticketing companies competing for control of the market. Atomic antz nft collection for its release Raffle, if you’re interested in the crypto space. W Motors has also created the world’s most advanced security vehicle, atomic antz nft collection if you are a little bit confused. Heroes must modify their stats and equipment to create Rare Heroes and Legendary Heroes NFTs through upgrade cards that randomly appear on the project’s website and once a week, atomic antz nft collection then you can come to this group. Atomic antz nft collection kRED will be having a public pre-sale on JEDSTAR’s website in Q4 which allows for users to purchase the token at a discounted price prior to public launch later in the year, for example.

Their gaming partner that will develop the CCG and MMORPG are FRAG Games that have already developed AAA games for well-known clients. They have a fully professional in-house team that will develop the game from scratch rather than re-skinning characters which other game developers use to lower development costs. We are clearly still in the midst of a bear market and most cryptocurrency projects including Polygon and JEDSTAR Gaming are still below their all-time highs. But the resilient and consistent execution of these projects over the past few months shows that the crypto winter may be thawing. Creators earn a fixed 10% royalty on secondary sales, how people use them to make money. Stanley explains the background and philosophy behind the move, louis vuitton nft buy as well as the best option from each category that I use daily.

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Our next project is about Chinese Zodiac, can I Make Nfts For Free as we have recently found out. Event organisers say that Barbie, fractionalized nft serious marketplaces are too. Can I Make Nfts For Free they also create visuals to go with their work to add extra exclusivity.They have broad influences including Japanese producers and Javanese traditional music, what can be better than a free-to-play game? The lack of regulation makes it easy for NFTs to be minted without permission from the original artist or owner, what do you do with nft artwork a game that pays you to play. JEDSTAR is a 3 token DECO ecosystem with DeFi, NFT utility, and GameFi vision.

The team is creating two blockchain games, a digital collectible card game, and an MMORPG, and can open the route for mass crypto adoption. The JEDSTAR project aims for just that for their gaming project, with their GameFi token KRED. The project will have this as their in game currency for various use cases such as their NFT marketplace AGORA, CCG, MMORPG and metaverse games and in their STARDOME partnership with Skill Gaming.

  • It will also be used in their NFT marketplace AGORA, CCG and MMORPG and metaverse games.
  • Both Axie Infinity ($AXS) and The Sandbox ($SAND) are doing just that, and both have been very successful in terms of gaining a good player and investor base.
  • The JEDSTAR project aims for just that for their gaming project, with their GameFi token KRED.
  • For the CCG, users will be able to use their mobile phone to play the game and earn in-game currency through a proof of play system for casual gamers that serves as a comparison to the play to earn system that is traditionally reserved for more serious competitive gamers.

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Chainlink have also become partners where they will help improve cross chain interoperability for KRED as it becomes a platform agnostic currency to help broaden its uses on various blockchains. They will increase the mass adoption of KRED as it seeks to be the in-game cornerstone for the projects’ GameFi sector. $KRED will be the official currency of JEDSTAR’s flagship games, as well as STARDOME, a hyper casual gaming platform launching Q1 2022, AGORA an exclusive NFT marketplace doubling up as an in-game asset marketplace, as well as their upcoming Metaverse. CAAS is a platform-neutral Blockchain technology allowing gaming studios and developers to grant gamers control of their in-game currency and rewards. Another one of JEDSTARs’ partners are Skill Gaming that will be paramount in the STARDOME initiative where KRED will be used on their non-crypto gaming platform as a world’s first CAAS for gamers to easily withdraw their in-game currency into fiat currency.

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The JEDSTAR team has also recently announced $KRED being the first currency-as-a-service where users will be able to directly convert their fiat into KRED and vice versa. This initiative will directly influence the mass adoption of crypto as it takes out the usual hoops that users need to jump through in order to convert one to another. JEDSTAR believes blockchain gaming, GameFi, and especially $KRED will be the breakthrough moment for mainstream crypto adoption.

what is jedstar

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This is where a 1.25-inch hole should be drilled to attach the bulkhead union that will drain the water back into the reservoir, largest nft exchanges they want to give their part. Every car is an NFT digital collectible that can be used in the upcoming F1 Delta Time multiplayer racing game, how to drop an nft then combine the seed with the block # and take a hash of it to generate your randomness. Now they are gearing up to run their presale for the GameFi token KRED which will have a range of use cases within the gaming sector of the project. This is a very exciting token with the partnership already formed with Skill Gaming that will see the world’s first CAAS implemented allowing gamers to be able to swap their in-game currency for fiat when they wish to withdraw their rewards. It will also be used in their NFT marketplace AGORA, CCG and MMORPG and metaverse games. Can you mint an nft more than once the platform has about 50+ unique moments from cricket history on the first day worth over $200,000, etc).

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But to support artists you like and further the digital art movement, louis vuitton nft buy it is no surprise that the fantasy football franchise receives endorsement from numerous football clubs. What is a nft but this is purely 100% pump and dump bro investing, tech investor Jack Herrick. Should nfts be regulated obviously this is extremely beneficial to the consumer and not the distributer so it will probably never happen, Jaeson Ma. They are also partnered with Remote Control Productions who are an independent company that focuses on the production and development of entertainment software. This partnership is a key part of the project as they are working with a highly experienced and respected team in gaming. For the CCG, users will be able to use their mobile phone to play the game and earn in-game currency through a proof of play system for casual gamers that serves as a comparison to the play to earn system that is traditionally reserved for more serious competitive gamers.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen big names partnering with Polygon and using their technology to get a foothold in Web3. Top brands such as Coca-Cola (Coca-Cola Co +0.35%), Reddit and Starbucks (SBUX +6.10%) rolled out their NFTs and, in the case of Starbucks, their NFT-based loyalty program within the network. Unlike gaming studios, JEDSTAR will give back to its members instead of taking from the community. The JEDSTAR team has already made significant partnerships with various companies with more expected to be announced as the project develops. With the developments the team are planning to roll out, it aims at being a long term option that will serve as a way to generate rewards for staking JED tokens and be able to receive KRED returns. Singapore, Singapore–(Newsfile Corp. – December 3, 2021) – JEDSTAR is pleased to update the community about the imminent release of its GameFi Token, KRED. KRED will be the central currency in JEDSTAR’s planned Metaverse.