Shree Manjunath Sandwich Center Ulhasnagar

I had been to this very famous Sandwich joint named Shree Manjunath Sandwich Center Ulhasnagar a few months back. 


Parking:- Parking is an issue here; the sandwich joint is on the road, which is too narrow even two-wheelers parking is difficult, four-wheelers park at a distance.

Cheese Chili Toast Sandwich

The cheese chili toast sandwich from Shree Manjunath Sandwich Center Ulhasnagar is one of the best sandwiches that I’ve had in Ulhasnagar. 

It takes quite a long time for the whole of the ingredients to get mixed, and till that time, they are thoroughly mixed continuously on a low flame over a long time, thereby enhancing the taste further.

The bread’s crispiness and the chili and cheese’s incredible mix inside the sandwich make it delicious. 

One should ideally eat the cheese chilly toast sandwich while it’s hot. 

There is a lot of variety of sandwiches that this famous sandwich center in Ulhasnagar offers.

The excellent taste is because the preparation takes quite some time to mix the ingredients over a low flame.

Paneer Tandoor Grilled Pizza

I also had Paneer Tandoor Grilled Pizza which was incredible, the paneer was soft, and the Pizza was crunchy that made the pizza very tasty.

It had paneer, Schezwan chutney, cheese etc., as its ingredients. Served with green chutney, it further enhanced its taste.

The Chef grilled the pizza, made the pizza crunchy; this pizza’s crunchiness and the paneer’s softness made my day.

Cheese chilli toast sandwich and Paneer Tandoor Grilled pizza are two heavenly sensations; one can never have too much of it. 

But sadly, these heavenly food items are not found in every restaurant. 

So every time you feel like having these delectable delights, take your vehicle or your favorite mode of transport or if you stay nearby you can just take a short trip to Shree Manjunath Sandwich Center Ulhasnagar.