Aniket Dining Badlapur

Aniket Dining Badlapur is a place which has a nice variety of dishes in the thali that it provides. I have visited this place a few times and have always liked the food here.

One of the best-unlimited thalis in Badlapur is the Unlimited thali you find at Hotel Aniket dining Badlapur. 

The Unlimited thali is a meal at a great price that allows you to try a lot of different kinds of food. It has an incredible selection with something for everyone. 

If you want to try an unlimited thali for your lunch in Badlapur then I would recommend you visit this place. 

The food served in this place is economical and good. The unlimited thali has a good variety of dishes.

You can eat the one you like the most from a variety of options available. (Note:- please enquire whether it is unlimited, sweets are not unlimited at certain restaurants and some exclusive dishes are also not unlimited at certain restaurants) 

The Unlimited thali is a great way to get the best of Indian cuisine as it includes all of the usual suspects with a lot of additional variety. 


Parking:- Doesn’t have its own Parking but Four wheelers can be parked on the roads and two-wheelers can be parked easily.

Unlimited Thali 

This restaurant is on the first floor and is economical and good. The taste is also nice and many people from the surrounding offices visit this place for lunch.

Whenever I visit any restaurant which provides Unlimited thali the main reason is to make sure I get to try everything on the menu.

The Basundi( a sweet made from milk)  is amazing here and one of the reasons to go to this restaurant. If it has Basundi on its menu I shall sure visit this restaurant again whenever I am in Badlapur.

Overall Unlimited thali at Aniket Dining Badlapur is good.


Dhabas Near Me-Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath

Dhabas Near Me-Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath

There are many dhabas, and then there is Ganpat Dhaba; this is what I can say about one of the best dhabas near me – Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath. This Dhaba has always been one of my favourites ever since I found about it.

The best part about Ganpat dhaba is they make most of the masalas and add to the food during preparation; this enhances the taste very much.


Parking:- Parking for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers available.

Seating:- Both Family and individuals can sit separately 

Best to eat:- Frankly speaking, I would love to eat anything at one of the best dhabas near me-Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath. But since I can only comment on the dishes I had, I liked all of them; we had taken.

1.Mutton Lapeta

2.Mutton Kheema 

3.Bombil fry

4.Prawns Masala


1.Mutton Lapeta:- The mutton of the Mutton Lapeta was excellent. Cook had perfectly cooked it to the point where I didn’t need to chew. It melted. 

If not appropriately cooked, Mutton loses its taste, and the continuous chewing makes the mutton rubbery.

Exactly opposite of what we get at Ganpat Dhaba, the mutton is perfectly cooked and makes the eating of mutton a pleasant memory.

2.Mutton Kheema:- Mutton kheema is a dish that I simply love at Ganpat Dhaba.

Even though slightly oily, I still prefer it.

I would recommend Mutton Kheema to everyone. 

One can try it with Ghavane ( a special type that looks like dosa). The taste is so excellent that it shall blow you away.

3.Bombil Fry:- I didn’t try the Bombil fry, but my friend Rahul did, and he said it was simply fantastic. Rahul is a regular here at Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath, and it was because of him that I knew about this place.

4.Prawns masala:- The dhaba prepares prawns’ masala with special ingredients. 

The prawns’ masala was one dish that I just couldn’t stop eating. It tasted fantastic with Ghavane and also with rice.

All in all, one of the best dhabas near me – Ganpat dhaba Ambernath is a must-visit for everyone.


Restaurants in Virar

Kolhapuri Tambda Pandhra Rassa chicken Thali

It is not that I have been lucky to visit a lot of restaurants in Virar as I stay long away from Virar.

But there was one which I had come across last year at the end of 2019 when I had gone to visit some relatives in Arnala. This restaurant was on my way.

I am talking about Kolhapuri Palace Restaurant in Virar East.

This restaurant begged for my attention as it mentioned Kolhapuri in its name and Kolhapur being the native place I was invariably attracted to it.

It was 3.30 or so in the afternoon and the whole family was hungry as it generally happens in travel when you keep asking for lunch and everybody says “no”.

 Then u hit a patch where u find no restaurants and then everybody wants to have food, ever experienced it if not, Got to say you are lucky 🙂

So finally we made our way in and were comfortable as the ambience was good enough, and seemed like a family restaurant.

Overall rating is 4 out of 5 

Address:- Riddhi siddhi Industrial complex chandansar road opp.HDIL park, Virar East, Maharashtra 401305 

Parking:- It is one of the Restaurants in virar along the road so one can park on the road.

Ambience:- The Restaurant has got Good Ambience. If one goes with the family the place looks good enough.

What I had at Kolhapuri Palace hotel and Overall My Review

Chicken Thali 

The Thali was tasty and the quantity was also good enough. It had Tambda and Pandhra Rassa in it.

Kolhapuri Tambda Pandhra Rassa chicken Thali

Pandhra Rassa

  Pandhra Rassa which is a speciality of Kolhapur and is made with Mutton, Desiccated Coconut, Fresh coconut milk, Sesame Seeds etc seemed tasty and The taste even though not like Kolhapur was good enough to make me feel better.

Tambda Rassa 

Tambda Rassa which is made from mutton, Red chilli powder, Whole spices etc was also good and tasty.


We had also taken keema which is made from minced mutton or chicken. Keema was not the best I had eaten but overall it was good.


Chicken Fried Rice

 Chicken Fried Rice was ordered by my wife but overall I didn’t like it.

My wife liked it so I was not disappointed. 

Chicken Fried Rice

I have many times visited some awesome places and had awesome thalis like Fish Thali Shree Satkar Dombivli 

Kolhapuri Palace Hotel I can say is one of the nice restaurants in Virar.


Vedge Andheri

Massaman curry at Vedge Andheri
Some of my friends had been regulars at this place, Vedge Andheri at fun Republic Mall over the past many years. They insisted on meeting at this place when we all met after 5 to 7 years or so. My friend said it was one of the best veg restaurants in Mumbai that provide awesome Thai food. It was a day which shall be edged in my memory for a long time to come. Meeting some very good friends after a very long time is always special.

Vedge Andheri is an awesome place and it is very famous for Thai Food it is one of the Best Thai restaurants in Mumbai 

Since I had gone before the Corona Pandemic the place was bustling with life there was so much of chatter all around that it was difficult to find out which of my friend was saying what 🙂 Sometimes now I miss that freedom and chatter when I go to new places for reviews, one thing is for sure life has changed a lot in the Food industry as things stand today but things shall be back to normal soon I do not doubt it. Address:- Ground Floor, Fun Republic Mall, Shah Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri west, opp.Laxmi Industrial Estate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053 Parking:- Since this is my standard Format of writing I am writing Parking here otherwise obviously since Vedge Andheri is in Fun Republic Mall it has a lot of Parking space. Ambience:- The Ambiance is awesome and the place is very good for a memorable day for all Family and Friends.

What I had at Vedge Andheri and overall My Review

Vedge Andheri Upside Down Pizza Pot Pie

Upside-down Pizza Pot Pie 

It is an awesome Pizza and tastes amazing. The ingredients of the pizza are in a Bowl and it is covered by the base of the Pizza. When the Pizza is ready the bowl is inverted and the ingredients of the Pizza fall into the base of the Pizza with which it is covered. Upside down Pizza Pot Pie serves 2 and is awesome. Massaman curry at Vedge Andheri

Massaman Curry

Masamman Curry was what I liked the most of all the two dishes we ordered other than an upside-down pizza pot pie. Massaman curry is a Thai curry which is not very spicy but tastes slightly spicy. The massaman curry at Vedge Andheri was superb and I simply couldn’t get enough of it. Massaman curry is amazingly tasty, so gets finished superfast :-). so If one is going to only have Massaman curry  My suggestion take another rice dish to go with it just like we did.  Green Thai curry At Vedge Andheri

Green Thai Curry

This is also a dish which tastes nice and is worth every penny. It not only tastes awesome but it also sufficiently serves 2. But given a choice, I would still opt for Massaman curry as that somehow was very satisfying for my taste buds. The green Thai curry was equally good but everyone has their own choices and I liked Massaman curry more. The pricing of Vedge Andheri even though higher is a good experience It remains edged in our memories for a long time to come. Overall the experience at Vedge Andheri was awesome

Krishna Palace Hotel Ambernath

mango mousse

I have visited Krishna Palace Hotel Ambernath some 4 to 5 years in the recent past. Even though I stay in ambernath now and then any friend comes for some work he prefers staying at that place.

The rooms are clean and it is well connected, away from the traffic. Some 9 to 10 months back I had gone to meet a friend and was told that there is an awesome buffet that is provided every afternoon at Sudama Hotel which is a part of Krishna Palace Hotel Ambernath.

Address :-  p-35/36 add. m.i.d.c. , anand nagar , ambernath, Ambernath, Maharashtra 421503

Being a foodie and the thought of having something which I like very much, given to me as much as I want, made me try this Buffet.

Priced at 499 rs it seemed worth it and All I would say is that I was not at all disappointed.

The starters

They were 2 namely Chicken Koliwada and Potato Wedges

chicken koliwada and potato wedges

The best part was they were served on the table and we could ask for as much as we wanted which was kind of cool as I had gone on a Sunday and the rush during those Pre-COVID days was too much with most of the chairs full in the Restaurant.

Once I tasted some of the starters I moved over to the live counter which had a new variety every Sunday. Someday they served Dosa, Someday Chaat was on the Menu, Some other day Soup etc

That day I got to have mouth-watering panipuri which was slightly tangy and tasted awesome.


Even though the panipuri tasted awesome it was for lunch that I had come so I grabbed only 2 or 3 panipuris and stopped 

Then I started checking out the dishes available for lunch.

Buffet  Menu

  1. Cream Of Veg Soup
  2. Chicken Lemon Coriander Soup whose Aroma was making me more hungry 🙂
  3. Then Chicken Pasta, Bruschetta, Canapes along with it Salad and some variety of chaats like peanut etc 

chicken pasta

mexican egg salad

Wait wait…the dishes has just started

1. Chole Bhature is an awesome Vegetarian dish ….if you haven’t eaten it let me tell you it melts in your mouth when eaten hot and is simply irresistible. 

2. It was followed by a Paneer dish.

3. Then Shezwan  and veg Fried rice.

4.Mushroom Methi and Dal Kolhapuri

By now I had looked at so many dishes but had hardly taken anything much.

Then my eyes fell upon two of the best dishes one of which I can’t have enough of

Chicken Handi and Fish Curry.

chicken handi and fish curry

RIce of a lot of variety was also available for everyone

            Krishna Palace Hotel Ambernath had by now turned for me into a must-visit place regularly looking at the variety that was being offered.

Then it was the time for the awesome desserts and I just couldn’t have enough of them.

1.Kheer…which is a sweet dish made from milk and simply irresistible.

2.Gulab Jamun

3.Oh My God …Mango Mousse and even Brownie…can you believe this, I couldn’t.

gulab jamun

mango mousse

As they say, the good has to end someday …

This delicious menu ended, I had my fill and was Khaun.Piun.Trupta(which means eat, drink and feel satisfied in Marathi) that’s why the name Kha Pi Tu the foodie.

Krishna Palace Hotel Ambernath is a must-visit whenever possible

This memory of mine shall remain with me for a long time to come.

Shree Satkar Hotel Dombivli

In a very narrow lane near Dombivli railway station is one of the Best hotels for sea food that is Shree Satkar Hotel Dombivli.

For people of Dombivli it is one of the Best Restaurants near me.

It provides a big variety of dishes.
Is not only famous for sea food and Non Vegetarian dishes but also for Vegetarian dishes.
You should visit the place and try some of the veg dishes also if you can’t believe me.
The best part about Shree Satkar hotel Dombivli is that it has an awesome fish thali system
Has a great variety of non-veg thalis to choose from.
Some mouth watering dishes.
some regulars like sol kadhi makes every visit to this awesome non veg restaurant a memorable moment.
Parking : There is no parking space in front of the restaurant and vehicles cannot be parked at ease.
Vehicles can be parked on road after inquiring or at some distance there is pay and park where vehicles can be parked,if it’s a bike then there is not much of an issue.
Ambience : The restaurant seating is very comfortable, when me and my family had gone at that time it was 1pm in the afternoon and the place was fully crowded, but still we looked forward to the yummy dishes and so did the crowd 🙂
mori masala

What I find best to eat here at Shree Satkar Hotel :-


1. Surmai Thali :- There is a personal bias here,I love Surmai (seer ) Fish.

so my choice fish thali shree satkar hotel Dombivli is surmai.

Try it once and then tell  no to my choice,You won’t.

2.Mori Masala :- Mori(shark) masala (kind of curry made in Indian cuisine) is one dish which I never miss whenever I go to eat best seafood shree satkar Hotel Dombivli ,it is one of the best I have eaten and I have no doubt that it tastes best here.
3.Tisrya Masala :- Tisrya (clams) masala is also very tasty here and tastes amazing and very yummy.
4.Paplet Fry:- Paplet (Pomfret) fry is very crispy and delicious at Shree satkar Dombivli. The best part is it is not over cooked or under cooked here it is perfectly cooked that is what enhances the taste.
5.Kombdi vade and Solkadhi :- Along with the thali were regulars like kombdi vade as we love them and Sol kadhi without which our seafood is incomplete at a place where it is available.
Restaurant Bill :- I had gone at the end of 2019 at that time the price of thalis ranged from approximately 340 to 380 rs each thali depending on what you chose.Please check the prices before ordering when u visit this awesome restaurant.
Looking forward to going once more for best fish thali Shree Satkar Hotel Dombivli.

Angat Pangat Badlapur

Angat Pangat Badlapur Restaurant Review
In my list of Restaurant Reviews one of the best Pure veg restaurants which has one of the tastiest thali is Angat Pangat Badlapur.

One Of the Best Unlimited Thali Restaurant Near Me in Badlapur 

It is an unlimited except for one or two dishes in the thali.
I had been to this place with some of my friends it was close to 3.30 in the afternoon and it was a weekday so thankfully there was no rush at all.
Angat Pangat Badlapur Restaurant Review
Parking : There is not much parking space in front of the restaurant and vehicles cannot be parked at ease.
Parking may be available on the road at some distance.
The road in front of Angat Pangat is too narrow.
Angat Pangat Restaurant’s own parking has parking space for 2 to 3 cars only at one time.Bikes can be parked easily.

Ambiance : In Angat Pangat Badlapur one thing I can say is that the ambiance was very nice.
The restaurant is cosy and the seating is comfortable,when me and my friends had gone at that time it was very late in the afternoon and the place was not at all crowded.
       In the Image :- Me sitting to the left and my Friends Mr.Vinay.Padhye and               Mr.Saumitra.Rahatekar.
Best To Eat : –

Angat Pangat Badlapur

It is a restaurant that provides Thali.
The Menu keeps on changing every day.They have special days like sundays and some festivals when the menu of thali is very special.
Like they had started puran poli thali on sundays.Better to check with Angat Pangat about the menu and then visit them if you stay far away from Badlapur.
The Food quality is good and there is a feeling of satisfaction that one gets after having the thali.When we had gone the dishes which i liked was
1. Chaat items given at the start.
2. Shrikhand
3. Goda Sheera.
4. Khichdi.
Restaurant Bill :- It costed each thali 260 rs when we had gone to Angat Pangat at the end of 2019.
One thing is for sure that as I sit down to write Angat Pangat Badlapur I feel like visiting that restaurant once more and hopefully shall do that soon.

D-Wine Badlapur

sizzling brownie
D-Wine Badlapur is a very good place and I shall say do try sizzler and sizzling brownie here.
Sizzler and Sizzling Brownie is one of the most tastiest and awesome dishes.
These are western dishes and have slowly but convincingly found their way in different parts of our country.
It is not only tasty but fulfilling as well.
Me and my friends are always on the look out for foodie places which provide awesome dishes.
I have been to D wine Badlapur many times as one of my friend Vinay stays at Badlapur.
It is a very good place,ample parking in front of the hotel,spacious and good ambiance.
Address: D-Wine, Laxmi Yashwant Arcade CHS, Near Ganesh Ghat, East Badlapur Link Road, Katrap, Badlapur, Maharashtra 421503.
Parking : There is ample parking space in front of the restaurant and vehicles can be parked at ease.
Ambiance : The restaurant is very spacious and the seating is very comfortable,when me and my friends had gone at that time it was very late in the afternoon and the place was not so crowded.
Bill:- D-Wine is not very costly nor very cheap. It may cost like approximately 1200 to 1500 rs for 2 people ,but quantity wise and taste wise it shall be satisfying for sure.
Best To Eat:-

1.Sea Food:-

Once Me and my family had gone to D-wine and we tasted Pomfret fish fry as seafood festival was going on at D-Wine Badlapur.

we also tasted chicken sizzler both tasted in my list of tasty foods in D-wine i have added pomfret fish fry and chicken sizzler.




Sizzler is a must try at D-Wine Badlapur it is very tasty and as the name suggests it is sizzling hot which absolutely melts in the mouth.
The sizzler quantity is also good enough for two people.

3.Sizzling Brownie:-

Sizzling Brownie is also awesome at this place and when the sizzling chocolate and the brownie melts in your mouth it leaves you speechless.
sizzling brownie
It is said that ,” the best way to eat is first through the eyes”,this holds true very much in case of sizzling brownie.
After watching the process of Sizzling Brownie
The way the chocolate is poured
Melting of the ice cream
oh my ! once again I feel like going and having the Sizzling Ice Cream
I know so do you,so what is stopping You ,order one now or check out whether the restaurants are open and have one.
I am checking out if D-wine Badlapur is open and booking a table .