How to Build a Live Streaming App Types, Cost, and Top Features

A streaming application is software that allows viewers to access content without downloading it on a device. A live-streaming app like Twitch must-have features that make it incredibly powerful and appealing for users to choose our platform. Most of these features like Login/Registration, Onboarding, Search, Ratings, Chat, and Categorization are available in all apps. Let’s have a look what are the features you need to have in your streaming app.

How to create a live streaming app

Instinctive UI and excellent compatibility with the goal that your supporters think that it’s simple to utilize. So the best way to go about this method would be clubbing it with other options. This implies if your streams are consistently getting 5000+ views, you can acquire substantial pay.

How much does it cost to make a live streaming app?

As you’d expect, creating your own live streaming app does require some resources. These investments may be hefty in the beginning, but they can help expand the potential of your streaming business. This should also be performed by an experienced team that knows the guidelines provided by Apple and Google marketplace. When your platform is in online stores, you will need to collect feedback and remove issues appearing from time to time. Twitch is considered the most famous streaming app in 2021, having approximately 2.8 million active viewers per sampling period. This platform is widely used by gamers who gain popularity by showing their gaming sessions to gain money from viewers.

  • Go further and offer even more profile management options — let users add their own interests, manage subscriptions, see their search history, and more.
  • Helping startups and Fortune 100 companies deliver innovative apps while wearing multiple hats , Konstantin has developed a deep appreciation of mobile and web technologies.
  • Conversely, 88% of customers have stopped doing business with a company because of poor call center customer service.
  • Content delivery network also plays a crucial role in setting up the nature of music streaming.
  • You can also watch the match live on the Fox Sports app or

Viewers that follow famous streamers get a notification that a streamer went live. When the audience enters the stream, the hosting user gets more viewers. I suggest that when you develop an app like Netflix, you should rely on advice from a live streaming app development company. Still, to help you start the conversation well-prepared, here’s a high-level overview of the things you should consider when looking for a streaming platform.

What programming languages are used to develop a live streaming app?

You’ll need to sign in to a cable provider to watch this way, but you can use your Sling credentials to do that. You can also watch the match live on the Fox Sports app or You’ll need to sign in to a cable provider to watch this way, but you can use your DirecTV Stream credentials to do that. You can also watch the match live on the Fox Spots app or

How to create a live streaming app

Video players allows websites to be compatible cross-browsers, providing finesse overall UI experience. An efficient video player is easily embeddable on any platform while ensuring the video gets streamed in fast playback. Geo-based streaming, backing up data files and enabling offline downloads and usage, an adept video player lets mobile apps be cost-effective and labor saving. This kind of streaming apps is perfect for those who cannot cut the cable cord that easily but are fed up with paying those huge TV bills. Full TV subscriptions are more expensive than streaming services. Live TV services allow watching TV shows that are on air at that particular moment.

Introduce Your App to The Community

This platform has been crafted as a social network where people can show their photos, videos, and text posts. However, within time, Instagram added a live streaming feature, and now many people go live every day. Real-time streams represent an additional feature of Stories. Instagram gave influencers a great opportunity to communicate with the audience and gain revenue on showing products. Customers won’t forgive your mistakes because today’s market offers a lot of alternatives.

The most popular streaming platforms are Twitch, YouTube, and Periscope, which have gained immense popularity all across the world. In the age of interactive media, people expect to get content on demand. On-demand streaming apps allow accessing not the channels but specified shows. Users of this type of streaming services will not have to rely on the schedule. These are not real-time video streaming apps but prove to be even more convenient for people who are busy when their favorite show is broadcast. They pay a subscription fee to access services’ libraries at any time within the subscription period.

Having a team of employees will come at a cost as you will probably need software engineers, marketing specialists, UI/UX experts, and graphic designers. Moreover, if you don’t have technical knowledge, you will need a consultant to help you estimate the specialists’ skills. Suppose you broadcast an important sports event, and hundreds of thousands of fans come to watch a live stream.

The DRM feature controls whether users have access rights to consume content. In addition, AI can help you automatically detect inappropriate content that’s against your digital entertainment platform rules or violates copyrights. The technology can also help categorize user-generated content. User reviews make customers feel more involved with your product and serve a double purpose.

The RecyclerView will be placed at the bottom of the screen, leaving the space at the top for the video, to give it more real estate and make it the focal point. Versatile Bitrate streaming so that the application powerfully adjusts to the CPU memory limit of users’ gadgets. Studies show that crowds invest 3x more energy observing live video and that 47% of individuals are streaming more live video than last year.

Advantages of creating live TV and video streaming apps on Appy Pie’s App Builder

As for the other tools, we used Facebook for authorization, Google Cast SDK for streaming from a mobile device to TV, and Youbora for video analytics and intelligence. Here’s a case study where you can find more details on this project. Blockbuster has a web version, iOS and Android apps along with apps for Android TV and Apple TV. Recently we’ve been improving the Blockbuster app for mobile platforms.

How to create a live streaming app

Firstly, you will need to urge your current crowd to download your application. Employing an expert such as Idea Usher will assist with rejuvenating your vision. A minor error can influence the usefulness of your application, so support from someone with specialized skills is significant. This is the place where the help of an accomplished designer and developer becomes the most crucial factor.

Even before you finish building a live streaming app, you need to run an advertising campaign to get more people to know about your app. For these purposes, it is worth using various channels such as social networks, blogs, and so on. In social networks, you can create your brand’s community, which will start attracting potential customers and disperse the hype around your live streaming application.

How To Create A Video Streaming App: The Ultimate Guide

In addition, there are many benefits to achieving high customer service QA, such as enhancing your company’s brand image and increase revenue and profitability. Therefore, customer service QA is considered a holistic view of customer interaction using a call center. Even though most people do not like ads, you can still use this tool to grow revenue and monetize the app.

After that, the app provides the user with a personal account. It’s a disappointing experience when you use an app and it doesn’t work well. It freezes, buttons do not trigger actions, the content doesn’t load — this is an easy way to lose the audience. A reliable Content Delivery Network, or CDN, is a must-have if you are planning on scaling your server. This is an issue that needs to be solved ahead of time for any type of project; you never know when you’ll need extra server capacity.

Step 2 – Delve into streaming app development

Such an increase is stimulated by the continuing excitement for social media, as well as substantially increased quality and security ensured by recent technologies. Developing an app can be difficult, especially with live stream audio and video capabilities. There are a number of free services, like Appypie, available to help you build your streaming app. However, you will have less control over the tech stack, customization, and flexibility of your live stream. After you have completed steps one through five, your live stream app is ready to launch! You’ll need to market your app in a way that sets it apart from competitors and ensure that users have an enjoyable experience after downloading.

She focuses on providing businesses with helpful information on the video streaming industry. Consumers can listen to music or podcasts without downloading them on their devices. Music streaming app development is less complicated, and audio records require less space on servers.

WebCatalog can turn many websites into desktop apps and is available to download for free. While you do not have to create an account to watch the content offered, there is still an option for you to do how to create a live streaming app so. You can also watch every match live on the Fox Sports app or You’ll need to sign in to a cable provider to watch this way, but you can use your Hulu credentials to log in and watch.

Examples of Live Stream Apps

The database is used to store the user information and VODs of previous streams. Flawless database structures and optimized queries are things that grant constant access to video streaming content. Here’s the list of technologies that may be used to make a live streaming app.