Classmates & Co.

Sometimes there are places which you have heard about a lot but never visited. Classmates & Co. cafe was one such place in Badlapur which I had heard a lot about but never visited.

Finally, a day dawned where I got the chance to visit this incredible place known as Classmates & Co. Cafe. 

I liked this cafe even though space was less inside the cafeteria, the area on the outside made up for it.

The whole place was bustling with youngsters, which made the area more lively, soft music was on, and excellent food was getting served, picture-perfect for a Cafe.


Parking:- This place is in a narrow lane, easy to park Two-wheeler but four-wheeler at a distance.

We had ordered

Spicy Paneer Tikka Pizza

As the name suggests, this pizza was slightly spicy with Paneer in it. I liked the pizza as it was very soft and was melting, and the paneer was also delicious.

Penne Makhni Cheese Pasta

Of all the dishes we had, this is the one I liked the most, made with a proper mix of cheese. This pasta was an absolute pleasure to have. I am not a big fan of Pasta; still, this Penne Makhni cheese pasta of Classmates & Co. I can have every time I visit any place near this Cafe

Vegetable sticks platter with Cheese Sauce

This was also good, and I liked it.

Chocolate Hazelnut Decadence Shake

Sometimes, some desserts or milkshakes are so irresistible that You simply can’t stop.

This Chocolate Hazelnut Decadence shake of Classmates & Co. is one such Dessert that shall make you order more when the first one finishes.

Especially when you have a friend for company, you simply just can’t have enough of it.

Lolita aha Mocktail

A mocktail is a welcome drink, especially during super hot days when the temperatures are not ready to cool down.

All in all, this place, Classmates & Co., is an excellent place to visit.

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