D-Wine Badlapur

D-Wine Badlapur is a very good place and I shall say do try sizzler and sizzling brownie here.
Sizzler and Sizzling Brownie is one of the most tastiest and awesome dishes.
These are western dishes and have slowly but convincingly found their way in different parts of our country.
It is not only tasty but fulfilling as well.
Me and my friends are always on the look out for foodie places which provide awesome dishes.
I have been to D wine Badlapur many times as one of my friend Vinay stays at Badlapur.
It is a very good place,ample parking in front of the hotel,spacious and good ambiance.
Address: D-Wine, Laxmi Yashwant Arcade CHS, Near Ganesh Ghat, East Badlapur Link Road, Katrap, Badlapur, Maharashtra 421503.
Parking : There is ample parking space in front of the restaurant and vehicles can be parked at ease.
Ambiance : The restaurant is very spacious and the seating is very comfortable,when me and my friends had gone at that time it was very late in the afternoon and the place was not so crowded.
Bill:- D-Wine is not very costly nor very cheap. It may cost like approximately 1200 to 1500 rs for 2 people ,but quantity wise and taste wise it shall be satisfying for sure.
Best To Eat:-

1.Sea Food:-

Once Me and my family had gone to D-wine and we tasted Pomfret fish fry as seafood festival was going on at D-Wine Badlapur.

we also tasted chicken sizzler both tasted awesome.so in my list of tasty foods in D-wine i have added pomfret fish fry and chicken sizzler.




Sizzler is a must try at D-Wine Badlapur it is very tasty and as the name suggests it is sizzling hot which absolutely melts in the mouth.
The sizzler quantity is also good enough for two people.

3.Sizzling Brownie:-

Sizzling Brownie is also awesome at this place and when the sizzling chocolate and the brownie melts in your mouth it leaves you speechless.
sizzling brownie
It is said that ,” the best way to eat is first through the eyes”,this holds true very much in case of sizzling brownie.
After watching the process of Sizzling Brownie
The way the chocolate is poured
Melting of the ice cream
oh my ! once again I feel like going and having the Sizzling Ice Cream
I know so do you,so what is stopping You ,order one now or check out whether the restaurants are open and have one.
I am checking out if D-wine Badlapur is open and booking a table .

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