Datta Prasad Vada Pav centre

I had been to this Datta Prasad Vada Pav Centre a few months back once more as I simply couldn’t resist the cheese Vada pav available at this place.

Vada pav, also known as Vada pao, is popular street food in India, consisting of a deep-fried potato patty served with a savoury filling of spiced mashed peas, onions, and potatoes, all mashed together and stuffed into a fried bread bun. 

In Mumbai, Vada pav is a favourite among the masses and is the preferred afternoon snack and breakfast of Mumbai’s middle-class population.

Address:- https://www.rahul.khapituthefoodie.com/3V-f

Parking:- This Vada Pav Centre is just beside the road, but still, the road is big enough to adjust a few four-wheelers; two-wheelers parking is readily available here.

It started in 1993 on a simple Hand cart

Now it has became so famous that it has two branches, one in Ulhasnagar and one in Kalyan. 

It is a very famous Vada pav Centre in Ulhasnagar.

What I liked here

Cheese Vada Pav

If you have not eaten cheese Vada pav here, You must try it. The cheese Vada pav is simply incredible.

It tastes so nice as the Vada Pav is made with a thin layer of covering compared to places where the outer crust is thicker.

This thin layer makes the Vada pav of Datta Prasad Vada Pav Centre very crunchy; add to that the extravagance of cheese, and what you have are a Dietician’s hatred and a Foodie’s delight.

Vada Pav

The Vada Pav here is also very tasty. As just mentioned above, the Vada pav’s outer covering is very thin, which makes it very crunchy.

Being at a place which is very close to the road one can always wait a few minutes,

take a quick bite and continue on it’s journey.

So let’s go to Datta Prasad Vada Pav Centre to have it’s incredible Vada Pav.

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