Dhabas Near Me-Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath

Dhabas Near Me-Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath

There are many dhabas, and then there is Ganpat Dhaba; this is what I can say about one of the best dhabas near me – Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath. This Dhaba has always been one of my favourites ever since I found about it.

The best part about Ganpat dhaba is they make most of the masalas and add to the food during preparation; this enhances the taste very much.

Address:- https://www.rahul.khapituthefoodie.com/3MEA

Parking:- Parking for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers available.

Seating:- Both Family and individuals can sit separately 

Best to eat:- Frankly speaking, I would love to eat anything at one of the best dhabas near me-Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath. But since I can only comment on the dishes I had, I liked all of them; we had taken.

1.Mutton Lapeta

2.Mutton Kheema 

3.Bombil fry

4.Prawns Masala


1.Mutton Lapeta:- The mutton of the Mutton Lapeta was excellent. Cook had perfectly cooked it to the point where I didn’t need to chew. It melted. 

If not appropriately cooked, Mutton loses its taste, and the continuous chewing makes the mutton rubbery.

Exactly opposite of what we get at Ganpat Dhaba, the mutton is perfectly cooked and makes the eating of mutton a pleasant memory.

2.Mutton Kheema:- Mutton kheema is a dish that I simply love at Ganpat Dhaba.

Even though slightly oily, I still prefer it.

I would recommend Mutton Kheema to everyone. 

One can try it with Ghavane ( a special type that looks like dosa). The taste is so excellent that it shall blow you away.

3.Bombil Fry:- I didn’t try the Bombil fry, but my friend Rahul did, and he said it was simply fantastic. Rahul is a regular here at Ganpat Dhaba Ambernath, and it was because of him that I knew about this place.

4.Prawns masala:- The dhaba prepares prawns’ masala with special ingredients. 

The prawns’ masala was one dish that I just couldn’t stop eating. It tasted fantastic with Ghavane and also with rice.

All in all, one of the best dhabas near me – Ganpat dhaba Ambernath is a must-visit for everyone.


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