Food Garage Badlapur

Food Garage Badlapur is an excellent place; this cosy joint in Badlapur serves some incredible Pasta and Pizzas. To go with it, they also have some tasty Momos.

Which is your favourite dish and why?

Someone might love pasta because they can add many different toppings and sauces, and there are so many kinds of pasta. 

Someone might also like pizza because it is so customisable, with a ton of different toppings. Some also love momos because they are so flavorful and cook very quickly!

Every one of us has a favourite dish that makes our mouth water just at the mention of it. Whether it is momo chow maar, pasta with white sauce or pizza with cheese or just french fries, each of us has a favourite dish that defines us as individuals.

Pizza is one of those favourite dishes that many of us remember ordering but still craving whenever we notice a Pizza Joint driving down the highway.

Food Garage is one such place where You get all this and much, much more.


Parking:- The road here is not used very much and is big enough to accommodate a few Four-Wheelers can keep two-wheelers easily.

What I liked at Food Garage Badlapur:-

Veg Loaded French Fries

The Veg loaded french fries or the cheese-loaded french fries (since it was overflowing with cheese) is an excellent dish here and is a must-try.

The mix of the crispy french fries when served hot and the cheese simply makes this dish irresistible.

Creamy Veggie Sandwich Grilled

This sandwich simply overflows with cheese and is very tasty; the Bread was grilled correctly and tasted lovely.

It also had potatoes, some onions and corn; it was all a great mix and tasted fabulous.

Classic momos with cheese 

Classic momos with cheese is another one that many would love to have at food Garage Badlapur; I am not a big fan of veg momos and hence didn’t like it very much was good.

Veg combination Pasta with cheese 

This pasta was also delicious, was overflowing with cheese and tasted good.

Pizza slice combo Veg Elpesto 

A combo offer was going on when we visited this place, and it had Pizza, Garlic Bread and a Cold drink. We liked the proposal and tried it out.

We liked the nicely made pizza.

All in all, the experience at Food Garage Badlapur was pleasant.


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