Krishna Palace Hotel Ambernath

I have visited Krishna Palace Hotel Ambernath some 4 to 5 years in the recent past. Even though I stay in ambernath now and then any friend comes for some work he prefers staying at that place.

The rooms are clean and it is well connected, away from the traffic. Some 9 to 10 months back I had gone to meet a friend and was told that there is an awesome buffet that is provided every afternoon at Sudama Hotel which is a part of Krishna Palace Hotel Ambernath.

Address :-  p-35/36 add. m.i.d.c. , anand nagar , ambernath, Ambernath, Maharashtra 421503

Being a foodie and the thought of having something which I like very much, given to me as much as I want, made me try this Buffet.

Priced at 499 rs it seemed worth it and All I would say is that I was not at all disappointed.

The starters

They were 2 namely Chicken Koliwada and Potato Wedges

chicken koliwada and potato wedges

The best part was they were served on the table and we could ask for as much as we wanted which was kind of cool as I had gone on a Sunday and the rush during those Pre-COVID days was too much with most of the chairs full in the Restaurant.

Once I tasted some of the starters I moved over to the live counter which had a new variety every Sunday. Someday they served Dosa, Someday Chaat was on the Menu, Some other day Soup etc

That day I got to have mouth-watering panipuri which was slightly tangy and tasted awesome.


Even though the panipuri tasted awesome it was for lunch that I had come so I grabbed only 2 or 3 panipuris and stopped 

Then I started checking out the dishes available for lunch.

Buffet  Menu

  1. Cream Of Veg Soup
  2. Chicken Lemon Coriander Soup whose Aroma was making me more hungry 🙂
  3. Then Chicken Pasta, Bruschetta, Canapes along with it Salad and some variety of chaats like peanut etc 

chicken pasta

mexican egg salad

Wait wait…the dishes has just started

1. Chole Bhature is an awesome Vegetarian dish ….if you haven’t eaten it let me tell you it melts in your mouth when eaten hot and is simply irresistible. 

2. It was followed by a Paneer dish.

3. Then Shezwan  and veg Fried rice.

4.Mushroom Methi and Dal Kolhapuri

By now I had looked at so many dishes but had hardly taken anything much.

Then my eyes fell upon two of the best dishes one of which I can’t have enough of

Chicken Handi and Fish Curry.

chicken handi and fish curry

RIce of a lot of variety was also available for everyone

            Krishna Palace Hotel Ambernath had by now turned for me into a must-visit place regularly looking at the variety that was being offered.

Then it was the time for the awesome desserts and I just couldn’t have enough of them.

1.Kheer…which is a sweet dish made from milk and simply irresistible.

2.Gulab Jamun

3.Oh My God …Mango Mousse and even Brownie…can you believe this, I couldn’t.

gulab jamun

mango mousse

As they say, the good has to end someday …

This delicious menu ended, I had my fill and was Khaun.Piun.Trupta(which means eat, drink and feel satisfied in Marathi) that’s why the name Kha Pi Tu the foodie.

Krishna Palace Hotel Ambernath is a must-visit whenever possible

This memory of mine shall remain with me for a long time to come.

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