Nitrogen Ice cream-Goofies Ice cream Badlapur

Last time I visited Badlapur to have something Cool was Nitrogen Ice cream-Goofies Ice cream Badlapur. This place offered a lot of variety which was mind-blowing.

In Badlapur, I had hardly come across any outlet with nitrogen Ice cream before this.

Either I was not very enthusiastic about it or the lack of Ice cream parlours known to me in Badlapur might be the reason.

Anyhow it is nice that I discovered this place.


Parking:- This area is very close to the station so that the parking might be an issue.

1.Nitrogen ice cream:-

When I visited this place, I had a Nitrogen Icecream named American Nuts Nitrogen Ice cream, and it was excellent.

 Nitrogen Ice cream-Goofies Ice cream Badlapur was very tasty and slightly different, but during a scorching season like what is going on now, it is the best thing to have.

2.Smokey Biscuits:-

Smokey biscuits are the latest trending cool things in the Ice cream parlours and outlets nowadays. These smokey biscuits give a soothing feeling.

There is a particular way of eating these smokey biscuits,

Once appropriately followed, one can take the smoke out from the mouth, and this makes the smokey biscuits not only something very different but also fun to eat.

3.Mixed fruit Roll:-

I also had this fantastic mixed fruit roll rolled with all fruits and ice cream in front of me, and it was a pleasure to watch.

4. Monster Chocolate Milkshake:-

This milkshake was full of yummy things.

It was pretty big with many ingredients, which enhanced this Monster Chocolate milkshake’s taste.

With a variety of ice creams available everyone is confused about which one is the best.

My simple way to answer it is, try try and You shall still never find out, it is that tasty.

So after having tasted Nitrogen Ice cream-Goofies Ice cream Badlapur, I can say that my life became cooler, literally!

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