Restaurants in Virar

It is not that I have been lucky to visit a lot of restaurants in Virar as I stay long away from Virar.

But there was one which I had come across last year at the end of 2019 when I had gone to visit some relatives in Arnala. This restaurant was on my way.

I am talking about Kolhapuri Palace Restaurant in Virar East.

This restaurant begged for my attention as it mentioned Kolhapuri in its name and Kolhapur being the native place I was invariably attracted to it.

It was 3.30 or so in the afternoon and the whole family was hungry as it generally happens in travel when you keep asking for lunch and everybody says “no”.

 Then u hit a patch where u find no restaurants and then everybody wants to have food, ever experienced it if not, Got to say you are lucky 🙂

So finally we made our way in and were comfortable as the ambience was good enough, and seemed like a family restaurant.

Overall rating is 4 out of 5 

Address:- Riddhi siddhi Industrial complex chandansar road opp.HDIL park, Virar East, Maharashtra 401305 

Parking:- It is one of the Restaurants in virar along the road so one can park on the road.

Ambience:- The Restaurant has got Good Ambience. If one goes with the family the place looks good enough.

What I had at Kolhapuri Palace hotel and Overall My Review

Chicken Thali 

The Thali was tasty and the quantity was also good enough. It had Tambda and Pandhra Rassa in it.

Kolhapuri Tambda Pandhra Rassa chicken Thali

Pandhra Rassa

  Pandhra Rassa which is a speciality of Kolhapur and is made with Mutton, Desiccated Coconut, Fresh coconut milk, Sesame Seeds etc seemed tasty and The taste even though not like Kolhapur was good enough to make me feel better.

Tambda Rassa 

Tambda Rassa which is made from mutton, Red chilli powder, Whole spices etc was also good and tasty.


We had also taken keema which is made from minced mutton or chicken. Keema was not the best I had eaten but overall it was good.


Chicken Fried Rice

 Chicken Fried Rice was ordered by my wife but overall I didn’t like it.

My wife liked it so I was not disappointed. 

Chicken Fried Rice

I have many times visited some awesome places and had awesome thalis like Fish Thali Shree Satkar Dombivli 

Kolhapuri Palace Hotel I can say is one of the nice restaurants in Virar.


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