Satari Katta Misal House

It was a sunny day when I had gone to Satari Katta Misal house, and even in that scorching heat and rising temperatures, a hot and spicy misal felt good; it talks a lot about the Misal.

Right time that the authentic and the traditional food items get a slight uplift and are ready to take on the Pizzas and the Burgers;

these latest Misal variations like Panipuri misal, Tandoor misal are one such step in the right direction, I feel.

The old school of thought might object to this thought, but I am only saying a slight variation is needed and not an absolute modern representation is necessary.

It is not every day that you get to eat more than 20 types of misal; Satari Katta Misal House is one place.

Different types of misals here are a revelation, and the variety of misals make you want more.


Parking:- Can do two-wheeler parking but four wheeler parking at a  distance.

Best Misals that I feel one should try here

Tandoor Misal

This type of misal is a common feature nowadays, and most people are in love with this type of misal.

An earthen pot with dry ingredients of Misal, Inside the earthen pot is a slightly burning charcoal kind of a substance in a small earthen pot which gives a smoky flavour.

Once in front of us, one is supposed to open the lid and take out that small earthen pot containing the charcoal.

Then add the liquid that makes the Misal ever so tasty and then eat it with Pav or Bread.

This delicious misal tastes different from the traditional misal; since I am a fan of the regular misal, this misal is what I can have once in a while, not regularly.

Today’s kids love these kinds of misal.

Panipuri Misal

To tell all of you very frankly, I never knew that this misal ever existed till I ate it here.

The taste was excellent too. It contained slightly raw mat bean or matki in puri, and we are supposed to add this liquid full of flavours and then eat it.

The first taste we get is that of the crispy puri,

followed by the raw mat bean or matki,

and then the entire mouth fills with the liquid’s incredible flavours.

This incredible taste keeps getting more and more tastier with every puri we have,

which makes such misal houses like Satari Katta Misal House Special.

We ordered and tasted other misals like cheese misal and Schezwan misal,

These are also good, but the ones that stood out for me were the two mentioned above.

It is 1 am as I sit down to write this blog, and this is not the time for any eatery to be open; otherwise, I would have just gone and grabbed a panipuri Misal at Satari Katta Misal House.


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