Shree Satkar Hotel Dombivli

In a very narrow lane near Dombivli railway station is one of the Best hotels for sea food that is Shree Satkar Hotel Dombivli.

For people of Dombivli it is one of the Best Restaurants near me.

It provides a big variety of dishes.
Is not only famous for sea food and Non Vegetarian dishes but also for Vegetarian dishes.
You should visit the place and try some of the veg dishes also if you can’t believe me.
The best part about Shree Satkar hotel Dombivli is that it has an awesome fish thali system
Has a great variety of non-veg thalis to choose from.
Some mouth watering dishes.
some regulars like sol kadhi makes every visit to this awesome non veg restaurant a memorable moment.
Parking : There is no parking space in front of the restaurant and vehicles cannot be parked at ease.
Vehicles can be parked on road after inquiring or at some distance there is pay and park where vehicles can be parked,if it’s a bike then there is not much of an issue.
Ambience : The restaurant seating is very comfortable, when me and my family had gone at that time it was 1pm in the afternoon and the place was fully crowded, but still we looked forward to the yummy dishes and so did the crowd 🙂
mori masala

What I find best to eat here at Shree Satkar Hotel :-


1. Surmai Thali :- There is a personal bias here,I love Surmai (seer ) Fish.

so my choice fish thali shree satkar hotel Dombivli is surmai.

Try it once and then tell  no to my choice,You won’t.

2.Mori Masala :- Mori(shark) masala (kind of curry made in Indian cuisine) is one dish which I never miss whenever I go to eat best seafood shree satkar Hotel Dombivli ,it is one of the best I have eaten and I have no doubt that it tastes best here.
3.Tisrya Masala :- Tisrya (clams) masala is also very tasty here and tastes amazing and very yummy.
4.Paplet Fry:- Paplet (Pomfret) fry is very crispy and delicious at Shree satkar Dombivli. The best part is it is not over cooked or under cooked here it is perfectly cooked that is what enhances the taste.
5.Kombdi vade and Solkadhi :- Along with the thali were regulars like kombdi vade as we love them and Sol kadhi without which our seafood is incomplete at a place where it is available.
Restaurant Bill :- I had gone at the end of 2019 at that time the price of thalis ranged from approximately 340 to 380 rs each thali depending on what you chose.Please check the prices before ordering when u visit this awesome restaurant.
Looking forward to going once more for best fish thali Shree Satkar Hotel Dombivli.

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