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Over the years I have had a lot of different yet extremely yummy and tasty dishes being presented in front of me and I never had this platform to present it .

So in short this is the reason I made this Channel/website known as Khapitu The Foodie the main purpose is to showcase the best of Indian restaurants and Eateries along with some awesome Indian street Food and especially Mumbai street food to all.

There are a lot of dishes to show but mainly in Maharashtra to which state I belong people love the Vada Pav and the Misal Pav the most followed by Pav Bhaji,Ice creams, Panipuris and the least is endless So I keep on exploring a lot of places to find out the best Eateries that serve these dishes and if I find some eatery that serves extremely tasty dishes then I write about it or show it to all so that they also can try it out if they stay near and it is possible for them.

I also try to write/show different restaurants with their best dishes which I have tasted in the past and whom I have found to be extremely tasty or outstanding. If I am going to advertise in the future I shall give a disclosure but otherwise I have till today not taken a rupee from anybody and hence all my reviews are unbiased and as per how I find those dishes.

I also have a lot of friends staying at various places and they are also kind enough to chip in with their suggestions which further increases my reach to more corners which I couldn’t have explored otherwise. In short Khapitu the foodie is a place for all the food lovers to keep visiting for finding out the best places to get awesome dishes.

Right now the main focus area of mine is the place nearest to me that is Thane to Karjat but in the future once all the restrictions are out of place and we are back to normal days I shall start exploring more and more places.

Stay tuned and keep visiting for more awesome restaurants and eateries.You can also follow me on Instagram,Facebook,Pinterest along with my Youtube channel. So Friends join in me on this wonderful Food Journey.

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