Thakur Vada Pav Dombivli

Thakur Vada pav Dombivli is one of the best vada pav in Dombivli that I have eaten.
If you ever get a chance to visit Dombivli east  do visit this small yet extremely tasty vada pav centre.
Thakur vada pav is a very small place but it is very very famous
Many students and day to day workers come to this place
Vada pav fans regularly visit this place and generally this small corner is very crowded.
I wanted to taste the vada pav but I wanted to taste it without the chutney
In Vada Pav there is a lot that is put in it between the vada and the pav
like chutney, fried corn flakes etc  that changes the taste
Thakur vada pav Dombivli without chutney

 Vada Pav of Thakur Vada Pav Dombivli

As soon as I tasted its plain vada pav with out any of the ingredients I knew why it was so famous the taste was amazing and the vada pav once it was eaten gave a sense of fulfillment
so most probably I guessed people liked it so much.
Not only was it’s taste good but the quantity was also good.
But Thakur vada pav Dombivli which  everyone buys is the one which is overflowing with a lot of ingredients
It was filled with so much of yummy and amazing mixture and vada pav chutney which is loved by most of the vada pav eaters
I was confused whether I had done the right thing by going in for a plain vada pav.
I could also see that whole of the place was filled with a lot of people
There were a lot of boys and girls waiting for their vada pav from the  classes which were going on nearby.
I also could see that  a lot of working community which had come to relish this yummy vada pav.
Thakur Vada Pav dombivli with chutney
As vada pav is a famous mumbai street food more and more people kept coming to Thakur vada pav Dombivli which has one of the best vadapav in Dombivli
As I was leaving I said to myself next time whenever I come to Dombivli I have got a new Vada Pav to look forward to and that is Thakur Vada Pav Dombivli.

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