The London Shakes Badlapur

The London Shakes Badlapur is an incredible joint with some fantastic cool drinks, and I also love the Pizza here.

Any age group above five can appreciate a delicious pizza, a cool drink and a yummy waffle-ice cream. 

If you are looking for a delicious and fun snack, a pizza is the most popular choice. When people say pizza, the first thing that comes to mind is their favourite toppings. You can enjoy the pizza alone or with your family. 

A cool drink and a delicious waffle ice cream are two of the world’s most popular snack choices.


Parking:- This place is along the roadside, and the road is narrow so that two-wheelers can be parked easily, but four-wheelers keep at a distance.

I’m not going to lie: when I had the Green Apple Blast, It calmed me down, and I felt relaxed. It’s delicious. It’s not like I’ve not tasted such cool drinks before, but overall it tasted nice and refreshing.

The other dish I especially like at The London shakes Badlapur is the creamy tandoori fries. Those fries’ taste is too good, mixed with cream and the taste of tandoori masala those fries simply make You want more.


The Pizza at This joint is very soft, and as you chew on it, the melting of the cheese and the mixing of the toppings in every bite makes the taste even more enhanced. 

When my friend and I had visited, we had ended with ice cream waffle which was so incredible. It simply melted, and the taste just kept on lingering for a long time.

Overall my friend and I had a great time. If one wants to have some incredible variety of dishes and cool drinks, then The London shakes Badlapur is an excellent place to visit.


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