Vedge Andheri

Some of my friends had been regulars at this place, Vedge Andheri at fun Republic Mall over the past many years. They insisted on meeting at this place when we all met after 5 to 7 years or so. My friend said it was one of the best veg restaurants in Mumbai that provide awesome Thai food. It was a day which shall be edged in my memory for a long time to come. Meeting some very good friends after a very long time is always special.

Vedge Andheri is an awesome place and it is very famous for Thai Food it is one of the Best Thai restaurants in Mumbai 

Since I had gone before the Corona Pandemic the place was bustling with life there was so much of chatter all around that it was difficult to find out which of my friend was saying what 🙂 Sometimes now I miss that freedom and chatter when I go to new places for reviews, one thing is for sure life has changed a lot in the Food industry as things stand today but things shall be back to normal soon I do not doubt it. Address:- Ground Floor, Fun Republic Mall, Shah Industrial Estate, New Link Road, Andheri west, opp.Laxmi Industrial Estate, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053 Parking:- Since this is my standard Format of writing I am writing Parking here otherwise obviously since Vedge Andheri is in Fun Republic Mall it has a lot of Parking space. Ambience:- The Ambiance is awesome and the place is very good for a memorable day for all Family and Friends.

What I had at Vedge Andheri and overall My Review

Vedge Andheri Upside Down Pizza Pot Pie

Upside-down Pizza Pot Pie 

It is an awesome Pizza and tastes amazing. The ingredients of the pizza are in a Bowl and it is covered by the base of the Pizza. When the Pizza is ready the bowl is inverted and the ingredients of the Pizza fall into the base of the Pizza with which it is covered. Upside down Pizza Pot Pie serves 2 and is awesome. Massaman curry at Vedge Andheri

Massaman Curry

Masamman Curry was what I liked the most of all the two dishes we ordered other than an upside-down pizza pot pie. Massaman curry is a Thai curry which is not very spicy but tastes slightly spicy. The massaman curry at Vedge Andheri was superb and I simply couldn’t get enough of it. Massaman curry is amazingly tasty, so gets finished superfast :-). so If one is going to only have Massaman curry  My suggestion take another rice dish to go with it just like we did.  Green Thai curry At Vedge Andheri

Green Thai Curry

This is also a dish which tastes nice and is worth every penny. It not only tastes awesome but it also sufficiently serves 2. But given a choice, I would still opt for Massaman curry as that somehow was very satisfying for my taste buds. The green Thai curry was equally good but everyone has their own choices and I liked Massaman curry more. The pricing of Vedge Andheri even though higher is a good experience It remains edged in our memories for a long time to come. Overall the experience at Vedge Andheri was awesome

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